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tattoo after care instructions

-after your tattoo your artist will wrap the tattoo 

-leave the tattoo wrapped for 4 hours then remove the wrap 

-gently wash the tattoo using mild soap any baby soap will do 

-make sure hands are washed and clean before touching tattoo 

-clean the tattoo with soap using a gentle circle motion do not use wash cloth

-after cleaning pat dry and leave tattoo uncovered 

-wash tattoo twice a day 

-do not scratch or pick at tattoo as this may cause tattoo to lose colour and or get infected 

-while tattoo is healing with a any rough scabs still on tattoo avoid tanning beds swimming pools hot tubs any prolong exposure to water or sun until tattoo is healed 

-the tattoo healing process should take around 2 to 3 weeks after scabs have all fallen off normal activity can resume 

-working out is fine during the healing process but do avoid any stretching of the tattoo during scabbing process 


your tattoo will feel a bit sore and look red after the tattoo process this is normal and the redness and sore feeling should feel better after each day. in the event the tattoo feels worse hurts for a longer period of time or if pain worsens or if the tattoo looks red and tender or infected consult a medical professional immediately. 


if you have any tattoo questions after your tattoo or during the healing process do not hesitate in giving us a call at 905 719-5834 we are here to help. Get in touch with us at Ink Temple Tattoo Studio Hamilton for answers to all your questions.

after care medication

there are lots of after care ointments or creams available from tattoo shops or in pharmacies but be careful some ointments may  agitated and or  cause tattoo to be infected if you decide to use an ointment make sure to take notice if your tattoo looks or feels different this may be a sign of agitation or infection.

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